David Barber 

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Oil on linen. 9" x 9". £650

An original still life oil painting. The painting is 9" x 9". If you're interested in buying this painting please contact me.
The creation of my paintings start well before any paint is added to the linen. I have found this to be especially so with still life painting. When I paint landscapes the subject reveals itself to me and I then draw on my response to the scene, to convey atmosphere, emotion, memories in my own interpretation of what I'm presented with. No such visual response is waiting around the corner for the still life painter. The still life painting starts with an idea or moment of thought, rather than a reaction to what already exists. I then build my arrangement in response to my initial idea.
The painting is on portrait grade linen which provides a subtly textured surface that still allows detail. Although this is a realist painting the brushwork is still very evident which I believe strengthens the viewers connection with my experience of creating this work.