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Oil on linen panel. SOLD

An original oil painting completed from life in my studio. The painting is 16" x 12" and is painted on fine grade linen panel. The painting is £550. If you're interested in buying this painting please click the button below. The painting is currently entered in the RSBA open exhibition. It will be available after this exhibition should it be selected.
In this painting I have tried to capture the delicacy of the Nasturtiums in a quiet and sensitive manner. I feel that in this world, our senses are continually being bombarded by ever brighter and louder stimulus; only those who shout the loudest are heard! As a result, we risk becoming numb to simple beauty. For me, still life painting allows me time to contemplate this beauty. The challenge is to render it with elegance and honesty. To this end each aspect of the painting process is deliberate and considered. My aim with this painting was to give the viewer a moments respite from the 'noise' of our everyday lives.