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An original oil painting completed from life in my studio. The painting is 12" x 8" and the framed size is 17" x 13". The painting is £450 plus postage. The painting is framed. If you're interested in buying this painting please click the button below.
Autumn is my favourite season. I love the optimism of spring, but the smoky atmosphere of autumn has a nostalgic appeal as the year slowly fades. Despite the coming of winter the marigold's golden flowers shine on, reminding us of the summer that we've left behind.  Eventually they too fade. This still life came about following a walk on a cold, but sunny autumn day. We'd just bought a selection of small bottles from a village antiques fair and were talking about the passing of summer and the beauty of the season. As we entered our garden the marigolds were the only flowers left standing and even some of these were fading.  I included the dead flower in the still life, as I felt it gave the work more of a narrative.

My over riding intention is for my paintings to show the beauty of simple objects through careful composition and rendering. I want the paintings to be 'quiet' and so I maintain a simple background and limit the number of objects in the image.  If you use too many words in a conversation, the point you want to make can become lost. Silence or fewer words can deliver a more powerful message.

Flowers in a Bottle