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My artistic journey began in 1987 in the art studios of Johnson Matthey PLC where he worked on the production of ceramic transfers for the local pottery industry. As the pottery industry began to go into decline in the area I enrolled on a course at Manchester Metropolitan University where I graduated with a BA (Hons) in art in 1994. Following this I worked for several years as a graphic designer and illustrator producing a wide variety of artwork for books, advertising, calendars etc. I am also a qualified teacher and have worked for many years both in state and independent education. In 2021 I resigned from my post of Deputy Headteacher in a local Prep school to pursue my dream of painting full time. This was a very big risk to take, but one I felt was necessary to enable me to reach my potential.

Picking up a paint brush and trying to convey a place and moment in time is challenging. The struggle to overcome these challenges results in so many lessons and it's these that keep painting interesting for me.  I prefer to paint from life, 'en plein air' or from still life set ups in my studio whenever I can. Being immersed in nature gives me greater insight into the colour and atmosphere of my subject in a far greater way than any photograph could ever do. I do use photographic reference material for studio commissions where direct reference isn't feasible, but these paintings also draw extensively on the many hours studying nature directly. 

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